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November 15, 2019
Software Distribution

Subject to the license terms, you may freely distribute the installer for any NextSigma software product.  Each user must still obtain unlock codes for the trial versions or perpetual licenses for the software, but this will allow you to easily use the software in your own training courses.


Free Demo
Each NextSigma software solution is available as a free trial.  The installer for the free trial can be downloaded and distributed free of charge subject to the license terms contained in the installer.  Upon expiration of the trial period, the user may either register the software or discontinue its use. 

Download Instructions for NextSigma Products

To download and use NextSigma software products, please follow the three simple steps below.

1. Complete and submit the registration form below.  After the form has been submitted, you will receive an email message containing a link to download the software.  The message will also contain important installation instructions for the product you will download.

2. Run the installation program.  A screen will be displayed that requires an UNLOCK CODE to be entered.  Click on the Request Code/Check Status button, enter your email address and click the Submit button.  The UNLOCK CODE for your machine will be displayed.

3. Copy and paste the UNLOCK CODE into the installer program and complete the installation.  You may then use the software.

Software Registration Form
Step 1. Verify Your Contact Information (fields with an asterisk are optional)

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Step 2. Enter the Product Information


Step 3. Submit Registration Form
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NextSigma software products are not freeware or shareware and are for the exclusive use of its registered trial users and licensed customers. NextSigma reserves the right to decline to provide the unlock codes for the trial and/or perpetual license to any person or organization.